Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Return of the NOMs

(The sun rises and shines through a window, revealing a dusty space, stale after months of neglect. Our intrepid consumer of The Good Stuff peers in, reluctant to enter for fear what he might find left behind. Luckily, he realizes that he is simply talking about a metaphor, and a pretty weak one at that...)

Oh, you thought I was gone? Pshaw. It's only been, oh, almost 5 months since we last saw each other. They tell me that patience is a virtue, and for all three of you who visited this space back in the fall, I'm sure I've been pushing the limits of that virtue.

See, this whole blogging thing gets pretty daunting as you get behind and watch the various stories/posts you want to write pile up like a sink full of dirty dishes that you just don't feel like emptying. After a while, there comes to be so much that you don't want to even begin. Better just to blow the house up and move on. Ok, maybe not blow the house up, but you get what I mean, right?

To that end, I won't be providing a JD-style blow-by-blow of rides, meals, conversations and all around hilarity that has occurred in the past few months, but here's a couple of highlights:
  1. We completed the Ride to Austin. I won't begin to describe it. If you want to learn more about it, go here to see my and everybody else's updates along the way. I'll only say this about the experience: other than receiving the immense blessing of meeting and marrying my wife, the P3C3 ride is the greatest thing I have ever accomplished.
  2. The first ever Casa Zeta Christmas Pizza Festa went off with a minimal amount of fuss and introduced a lot of friends to some NOMalicious grilled pizza recipes.
  3. Thanksgiving, blessed, wonderful Thanksgiving came and went. Many delicious NOMs were plundered that day.
  4. The wifey and I successfully navigated the annual Florida Migration at Christmas, and even managed to get a ride in.
  5. Because of crazy cold temperatures, and a couple of bouts with illness, my wife and I have been pretty much off the bike for the past month, which sucks on approximately 73 different levels. As I sit here and write this, she's finally out riding the UWBL ride, a favorite of both of ours that we did every weekend last year, but have yet to complete until today. I'm still fighting a chest cold, so I'm currently trying to ignore my trainer sitting in the next room calling me names like "softie" and "wuss."

Anyway, like my trainer, this space has been sitting in a corner of my mind, mocking me for a quite a while now, and I'm here to declare that we are back, although probably not better than ever. Hopefully, dear reader, you will continue being patient as we work out the kinks and flex the muscles that have atrophied during our long hibernation. We going to try to keep this up more regularly, with shorter posts, random thoughts and musings, updates on a little thing called the FTC (the first rule of the FTC is that you DO NOT talk about the FTC), and many other topics. As the weather warms, I'm certain that the Master of All Things Epic will rear his head again and contribute some suffering fodder for your reading pleasure, so fear not if you have returned looking for epic ride updates.

Until then, my darling ones, stay tuned for the dawning of a new age here at Yummy NOMs.