Thursday, February 4, 2010


Or, at least I WAS melting, for a very difficult 18 minutes 15 seconds last night. Case in point:

ahhh Whattaworld, whattaworld...

Last nite, I headed over to the Greenville Cycling Center  to participate in an indoor time trial on the computrainers to support JDRF. This would mark not only my first time on Coach Jim's slick computrainer set up, but also the first time I did a time trial in any format.

I even got to do it with some friends:
The hardest, and the prettiest gals in the Upstate Peloton

Robin's always so dang composed, she should join OREC

I, on the other hand, am rarely composed, but I've got this melting thing down

The wifey, channeling her inner Cavendish

Why is this important, you ask? Well I'm toying with the idea of bike racing this year, and, to that end, I joined the Greenville Spinners Racing Team just to see if I like the whole racing scene. To be honest, after hearing of several good friends crashing at local races as well as being a little turned off at how seriously people take themselves at these things, I'd been a bit resistant the whole idea. I like riding my bike, and typically, I like to keep it simple. However, after serious lobbying from the wifey and a couple of my P3C3 mates, I decided to dip my toe. I still don't know what races, or even how many I want to do this year. 

Then last night happened. It wasn't epic. I didn't even ride that strongly, but it was really cool to just saddle up and tap out 10k of full on effort on my own. I might be on to something here, especially when 10k of effort affords me the ability to demolish something like this afterwards:

I've said it before, and I'll say it again. This is the best part of being a cyclist

So, now, I've got to a) get a TT bike (WOOHOO! TOYS!) b) figure out how to ride it, and c) scope out local TT races that I can ride in.

Shouldn't be too hard. Stay tuned for updates, and until the next time, stay hungry, friends...

ps: Thanks again to Jim Cunningham for having the event, and also to April at The Living Pixel for taking all the pics. My sweat has never been captured in such stunning high definition.

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